Visual Advantage provides focussed products and services for interactive 3D visualization and digital mock-up solutions. The most demanding solutions are delivered efficiently and reliably, worldwide.
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Solutions for PTCs Creo View and MockUp
Visual Advantage provides focussed services and solutions based on
PTC's interactive 3D visualization and digital mock-up environments in standalone and Windchill environments.
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Performance and Large Assemblies
Performance, optimisation, loading, and Visualization in standalone and PDMLink (Windchill) environments.

Specialized Clients
Creo View & MockUp

3rd party data, data management, and real-time control/simulation systems.

High-end Visualization
for Human Factors


New solution - VAView/BOM3DEnables the publication of 3D models from PTC Creo View visualization software to Microsoft Excel spread sheets to aid distribution, collaboration, and re-use of 3D models, and to increase understanding of parts information.

VA / PTC press release


Please see introduction videos (audio coming soon): Author Creation, and Editing


For Creo View
Custom client functions
Custom Data
Large Assembly Management
PDMLink integration

For MockUp
Very Fast Data Loading
Data Management
Custom Client functions
Real-time simulation
Implementation & Training
RapidManikin installed in Shanghai
Visual Advantage Products

For Creo View
VAView/Cache - Caching solution for Creo View
VAView - VA Creo View solutions for Windchill
RapidGP - GamePad interface for Creo View

For MockUp
RapidManikin - Accurate full-body Virtual Reality
RapidVRM - Interface to Virtual Reality devices
RapidLT - Play movies live on to textures
RapidSIMM - Motion from external systems
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