Solutions for PTC's Creo View and MockUp
Visual advantage specialises in PTC-based visualization solutions and is a PTC Gold PartnerAdvantage member.
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Visual Advantage is driven by customer needs and has gained real-life experience in applying visualization solutions in stand-alone, enterprise, and complex distributed network environments.
Please also see VAView , allowing Visual Advantage Creo View solutions to be deployed in Windchill environments.
The following sections categorise the three areas in which we have repeatedly delivered high-value solutions leveraging Visual Advatange products, tools and expertise.
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Interactive Solutions to Innovate and Inspire
High-end Visualization, Virtual Reality and Human Factors

High-end projection systems, VR tracking systems and other input devices, and advanced 'body' tracking software combine very effectively in MockUp and Creo View for many purposes beyond the desk-top!

o  Design Review environments

o   Presentations

o   Real-time human factors


Distributed and Collaborative Visualization

Distributed Control systems, Visualization and Digital Mock-Up, and Multiple users, can be combined to form solutions for a number of business areas.

o   Training and instruction

o  Multi-user task analysis

o   Control systems

o   Command and Control


Performance Optimization and
Large Assemblies

MockUp and Creo View can load very large datasets, but can be hindered when accessing the data over networks and from data management systems. With careful organisation and data stream-lining, model loading times can be up to 100 X faster!

o   Publishing and vault management

o   Data optimisation and stream-lining

o  Caching and data vault replication

Real-time networked solutions

VR Solutions

Visual Advantage provides focussed products and services for interactive 3D visualization and digital mock-up solutions. The most demanding solutions are delivered efficiently and reliably, worldwide.